Jon Hersey is getting comfortable blending his cover job as a Biz Planners business analyst, and the secret occupation as an industrial spy. 

Then “It” happens.

Jon has the shock of a lifetime when he meets his “dead” wife.

A start-up company hires Biz Planners to analyze their business proposal and organize the five-owner/board members. The target of Jon’s industrial spy assignment is also listed as an owner/board member of the start-up company. Complication after complication impact Jon’s options as a web of relationships is revealed.

Jon’s assignment goes, out-of-control

The suppressed reports were nearly undetectable, the two bullets hissing past his ear were unmistakable, the fragments that ricocheted off the concrete parking obelisk peppered his left side, and the shell casings littered on the ground were instantly recognizable. Jon sought protection behind the obelisk to assess the danger.

COMING SOON - August 2013

Reader's Comments
“Waiting to see where the next adventure will take Jon.”

• Nancy

"This is a good book. It’s a quick read that keeps you turning the pages. I can’t wait to see where Jon’s next assignment is and what happens next!”

• Kim

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